Why start this blog?

I never thought I’d fall in love with dentistry or dentists for that matter. Our start-up, Brontes Technologies, happened serendipitously. My cofounder (Eric Paley) and I met a faculty member at MIT (Professor Douglas Hart) randomly at a “mixer ” over bad Thai food. We were recruiting engineers for a business idea we had. Little did we know that a year and a half later, we’d be starting a business replacing the goopy dental impression with 3D imaging technology out of MIT. Neither of us knew the first thing about dentistry or 3D imaging.

Having left Brontes Technologies/3M (we were acquired by 3M in 2006) at the end of March ’10, I now spend my time advising a few different companies, as a Founder Partner to Founder Collective, collaborating with friends at Flybridge Venture Partners and just listening and learning what’s going on in the tech community in Boston and New York. I do want to “fall in love again” and ultimately want to get back to being hands-on at a venture. But I’m taking my time in doing so. As I reflect on the whole experience, I think the best analogy to the process is dating. Like dating, it’s a process that is hard to document, hard to draw conclusions and frankly, it’s hard to find the one. Some people go out to bars all the time on the off-chance of meeting someone, others go only on referrals, and many just struggle indefinitely.

My goal is to chronicle my experiences as I search for the next gig and discuss what I learn along the way.  Deciding what to do with the next 5-10 years of one’s life is a big decision especially when it comes to starting or joining an entirely new venture. Hopefully, my blog will be useful for anyone that’s looking to start something, someone who wants to join an early-stage company for the first time, or someone like me who is taking time to wander.


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