Entrepreneurship – A bit Moneyball, a bit Blink

This clip is from a talk I gave at the Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit on Oct 12, 2012. In the clip, I talk about how the entrepreneur needs to balance using data to make decisions while also following one’s instincts.


3 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship – A bit Moneyball, a bit Blink

  1. Ilya – I dont know if the whole video is yet available but when it is, I will post it. (right now I just have files of "highlights.") Thanks for watching! Hope you’re well!

  2. Definitely agreed that analytics+instincts is a must combination, and especially critical at the start of the business. I went through a similar exercise as you did with Brontes at my company. Part of the instincts is being a careful listener to the customers, gauging their level of excitement when they first see a prototype, which is a function of how valuable the technology is to the business.

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